AI Factory Quarterly/Biannual Periodical

This is our "late" Summer edition, delayed as we needed to await external approvals for this issue's big article. AI Factory has now been around 15 years so this is an anniversary edition! Our key article was so big that for the first time ever we are publishing only one article instead of two. However the content of this article is greater than the combined two articles of any previous edition! We noted that our periodical has been revealing its ancestry, established back in 2005, when a monitor was a likely 1280x768. Times have changed, so our 500 pixel wide article images have now migrated to a bigger size. On other matters, the big word this year has been GDPR, which brought little joy to most in the industry. It has consumed significant time! (See What's New!)

This issue's article: The first 15 years, history and post-mortem!

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