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Link to AI Factory newsletter home page
Shotest Shogi - This is the official website for AI Factory's Shotest Shogi engine, featuring information on all games using the Shotest Shogi engine.

Publishers, developers and studios we are working with:

link to Google Play website
Google Play - Android app store.
link to iTunes website
App Store - Apple app store.
link to Amazon website
Amazon - The world's largest online retailer
link to Microsoft
Microsoft - A world leader in computer and software technology.
link to Unbalance website
Unbalance - Games developer and publisher - Japan.
link to Blit Interactive website
Blit Interactive - Online game design and development.
link to MoPub website
MoPub - Hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers.
link to Admob website
Admob - One of the world's largest mobile advertising networks.
link to Millennial Media website
Millennial Media - Mobile advertising and data platform.
link to InMobi website
InMobi - Global Mobile Advertising Leader.
link to Jumptap website
Jumptap - Leading unified audience platform.
link to Kotori website
Kotori Studios - iOS game development
link to Doro website
Doro - Swedish company developing telecom products specially adapted to the growing worldwide population of seniors.
link to Revolution website
Revolution - Games developer based in York, England. Revolution are the creators of the successful Broken Sword series for PC.
link to Optime website
Optime Software - Developer of very successful iPhone apps.
link to Antix Labs
Antix Labs - Antix Game Player, enabling games to be as portable as music across mobile phones, set-top-boxes, personal computers and other embedded devices.
link to Strastar
Strastar - Korean mobile games publisher.
link to Heyzap
Heyzap - Social network for mobile games.
link to Spark Plug Games
Spark Plug Games - Developer of games for a wide variety of devices including Wii, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS.
link to Rubicon
Rubicon - A small games development company specialising in porting, technical development and original content on a variety of platforms.
link to DTI Software
DTI Software - The market leader in In-Flight Entertainment, based in Canada.
link to Nvidia
Nvidia - Worldwide leader in programmable Graphics Processor Technologies.
link to Mere Mortals
Mere Mortals - PC and console games developer.
link to Asylum Entertainment
Asylum Entertainment - Video game developer based primarily in the major brand name children's market.
Buruxo icon
Buruxo - Korean company specialising in PDA software technology and online PC games.
link to Gizmondo on Wikipedia
Gizmondo - Developer of the handheld Gizmondo unit.
link to Global Star website
Global Star Software - A subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., American-based publisher.
link to 720 Games website
720 Games - Online puzzle game developer.
link to BHV website
BHV - German games publisher.
link to Denda website
Denda - Games publisher in the benelux countries.
link to EXA website
EXA - Italian Games publisher.
link to Mindscape website
Mindscape - Games publisher in France and the UK.
link to Selectsoft website
Selectsoft - Publisher of educational, productivity and family entertainment software.
link to Oxford Bridge website
Oxford Bridge - Andrew Bracher's Bridge engine - used in Omar Sharif Bridge II.
link to Go Plus Plus website
Go++ - Mick Reiss's Go engine - about to be released for the South Korean market.
link to - Dominoes portal with rules, history, books, and software.
link to Moblitec website
Moblitec - Provides mobile data services, including software development.
link to 3DAGAMES website
3DAGAMES - A UK company specialising in small PC, Pocket PC and Palm games.
link to Amsler Consulting website
Amsler Consulting - Representing interactive PC and mobile entertainment products to publishing opportunites worldwide.
link to Meretto website
Meretto - A band contracted to provide music for Friday Night 3D Darts and Pool.
link to Hasen website
Hasen Music - provided music and sound effects for Friday Night 3D Darts and Pool, as well as Omar Sharif Bridge II and Tournament Chess II.
link to Silicon Audio website
Silicon Audio - Game sound studio - provided music for Classic Compendium I & II on the Gizmondo.
link to Psion website
Psion - A world leader in mobile computing devices and wireless local area network systems, it is one of the UK's foremost technology companies.
link to classic range list
ZingMagic - Mobile phone and PDA games developer.
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