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Our Engines icon Our Engines
AI Factory has a well-developed engine workbench, including a powerful general-purpose search engine, a probability engine and card-game playing framework. This setup is mature enough to make the process of start-up to completion a very rapid one, with built-in capability for exhaustive automatic testing as the work bench can run tournaments.
The core technology already established also provides AI Factory with a powerful set of tools for the creation of puzzle games, with build on solvers.
The following engines are available in-house. All have engines and commercial UIs, but are not all currently on the market as commercial products.
link to Aquarium link to Aquarium Aquarium
Emulating believable fish behaviour is challenging but our aquarium engine has successfully recreated how fish interact with each other, their environment and the game player.
link to Amazons link to Amazons Amazons
Amazons is a well established strategy game, recreated in AI Factory style. To the left is a screen shot from the 3D interface of one of our newest engines.
link to Backgammon link to Backgammon Backgammon
A strong engine accomodating doubling, match game and the Crawford rule.
link to Back Rank Chess link to Back Rank Chess Back Rank Chess - (c) AI Factory 2004
An AI Factory original. One of several variants on traditional chess rules, that produce a refreshingly different game.
link to Bridge link to Bridge Bridge
Andrew Bracher's Oxford Bridge - a strong engine, under constant development and respected for its success at competition.
link to Checkers link to Checkers Checkers
This implementation has been designed to provide a strong engine on even tiny platforms.
link to Chess link to Chess Chess
Treebeard is our new Chess engine! Stronger and with variable characterisation, this uses new techniques to allow engine implementation on small devices.
link to Chess link to Chess Chess Tal
This 2D version of Chess uses Chess Tal and has a configurable layout, so that the player can arrange the available information as they like, as well as choosing from 6 different chess sets.
link to Chinese Checkers link to Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers is played by moving pieces one square at a time or jumping other pieces for as long as there are jumps available. This can present the player with potentially thousands of jumping moves, so can make play very complex.
link to Chinese Chess link to Chinese Chess Chinese Chess
A key difference between this and Western chess is the limitation of the scope of some pieces, which are confined to regions of the board.
link to Darts link to Darts Darts
Although there is a gulf between the experience of using a mouse and throwing a dart, this implementation successfully reproduces the feel of throwing darts.
link to Dominoes link to Dominoes Dominoes
Dominoes is believed to originate from China in the 12th Century, the early derivatives of this game evolving into Mah-Jong and the modern Dominoes game we have now.
link to Euchre link to Euchre Euchre
This is a popular game played with only the top cards from the pack, with only 5 cards dealt to each of the four players.
link to Extinction link to Extinction Extinction - (c) AI Factory 2004
AI Factory's new creation Extinction is a territory-based board game, the objective of which is dominate the board and force your opponent off.
link to Four in a Line link to Four in a Line Four in a Line
Our implementation of Four-in-a-Line plays very well but would fit on the tiniest device. We also have plans to implement a lavish 3D version of this game.
link to Go link to Go Aya Go
Aya Go, developed by Hiroshi Yamashita, is compact enough to fit on small devices, but strong enough to perform well on larger devices.
link to Go link to Go Go++
Go is a game with simple rules but great depth of play. This is a version of the World Champion strength Go++ by Mick Reiss.
link to Gobang link to Gobang Gobang
This game is similar to Gomoku but has an extra rule allowing capture of enemy pieces. It may be only a small difference but it changes the game drastically.
link to Gomoku link to Gomoku Gomoku
Being playable with Go board and pieces (but not taking as long to complete a game) helped to secure popularity for the ancient game of Gomoku.
link to Hearts link to Hearts Hearts
Hearts is one of the simpler trick-taking games, but still offers interesting game play. This is a good game to pick up for a short game session.
link to Legion link to Legion Legion - (c) AI Factory 2004
An original AI Factory creation, this engine is based on the movement of ancient Roman and Egyptian troops.
link to Marble Maze link to Marble Maze Marble Maze - (c) AI Factory 2006
Slide rows and columns of blocks to free all the marbles from a maze in as few moves as possible, while trying not to release any bombs.
link to Move It link to Move It Move It!
Slide the blocks around to get one specific block moved to the opposite corner. Not as easy as it looks, offering a mind-bending challenge which seems almost impossible.
link to Poker link to Poker Poker
There are many sub variants of Poker in use, including the most popular Texas Hold'em and Pai-Gow and 5-draw poker. AI Factory can provide whatever variants are required.
link to Pool link to Pool Pool
The physics of Pool ball movement has been accurately recreated here, as has realistic human-style play from the variety of AI opponents.
link to QuadBlocks link to QuadBlocks QuadBlocks - (c) AI Factory 2006
Taking elements from Tetris, Bubble Bobble and Zoop, this game requires you to match 4 or more blocks down any path to remove them before they can make their way to the centre.
link to Reversi link to Reversi Reversi
This implementation can beat most human opponents, as it is a game that is well suited to computer implementation.
link to Shogi link to Shogi Shogi
Our shogi engine "Shotest" has performed very well in computer shogi tournaments in the past. We are now working on it with an eye to next year's competitions.
link to Snooker link to Snooker Snooker
The interaction of balls on the table is accurate and the AI opponents display human-style characteristics in their play including laying traps.
link to Solitaire link to Solitaire Solitaire
Klondike Solitaire (pictured here) is the classic one player card game but AI Factory can provide an engine for any of the one player card game variants.
link to Spades link to Spades Spades
Starting in 1930s America this is now a world-wide game, where players estimate how many tricks they will win and are penalised for being under or over their contract.
link to Swap Chess link to Swap Chess Swap Chess - (c) AI Factory 2004
A chess variant with a Shogi flavour, as a player can also move a piece by swapping it with another of their own in a more favourable position.
link to TaiPei link to TaiPei TaiPei
Concentration is required to match and remove the randomly placed Mah-jong tiles from any one of 21 differently-shaped tile layouts.
link to Treasure Hunt link to Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt - (c) AI Factory 2005
Treasure Hunt is a game designed for GPS enabled devices, the aim of which is to uncover hidden areas of the map by moving around in the real world.