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This is a popular game played with only the top cards from the pack - Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 & 9 - with only 5 cards dealt to each of the four players. At the start of each hand, after dealing, a trump suit is chosen which then has a different card order, with Jack of the Trump suit as highest card, then Jack of the same colour, followed by Ace, King, Queen, 10 & 9 of the Trump suit.

The limited number of cards in use helps platforms with limited screen real estate! Euchre has a worldwide player base, including USA, Canada, Britain, Australia and particularly in the US Navy. It is a quick game well suited to short games on a mobile device.

Euchre screen shot
Euchre Free app for Android was released late in 2014, providing various levels of play and several different rule options, as well as all the usual extra features including hint, undo and stats recording.
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