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A core speciality of AI Factory, Shogi (alternatively known in the West as Japanese Chess), has been involved in many World Championship events. This product "Shotest" currently sells in Japan, where it was for some time the top selling Shogi program. Our current engine has a world ranking of 7th, but for 2 years ranked 3rd. We expect the new version currently under development to re-establish this rank!
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Shogi is a complex and rich game, offering many more possibilities than Western Chess. It has not achieved great notoriety in the west, partly due to the difficulty of using Japanese Kanji pieces. However this game dominates Japan more than Chess dominates the west, with a very high percentage of Japanese playing it. The 3D implementation adds a new richness to computer Shogi play.
Our Shotest Shogi is now available on Xbox Live Arcade, with an immersive 3D environment, beautiful pieces in Kanji and western designs, and an easy-to-use interactive tutorial.
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