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AI Factory has a well-developed game engine workbench and much in-house engine experience, so will be undertaking new game projects as they arise. The workbench includes a powerful general-purpose search engine and a probability engine. This setup is mature enough to make the process of start-up to completion a very rapid one, with built-in capability for exhaustive automatic testing as the work bench can run tournaments.
link to Amazons link to Amazons Amazons Engine
Amazons is a well established strategy game from South America, recreated in AI Factory style.
link to Backgammon link to Backgammon Backgammon Engine
The Mediterranean cafe society game with a long history of popularity, this version is a strong engine accomodating doubling, match game and the Crawford rule.
link to Back Rank Chess link to Back Rank Chess Back Rank Chess Engine - (c) AI Factory 2004
An AI Factory original. One of several variants on traditional chess rules, that produce a refreshingly different game.
link to Checkers link to Checkers Checkers Engine
You will find it hard to beat this game. Great concentration is needed to avoid silly errors. This implementation has been designed to provide a strong engine on even tiny platforms. US and UK rules are options available in Checkers:US rules state that if there is a possible capture, no other move is allowed, while UK rules allow the player to choose whether a possible capture will be followed through.
link to Chess link to Chess Chess Engine
Treebeard is our new Chess engine! Stronger and faster, with variable characterisation, this uses new techniques to allow engine implementation on small devices.
link to Chess link to Chess Chess Tal Engine
This 2D version of Chess uses Chess Tal and has a configurable layout, so that the player can arrange the available information as they like, as well as choosing from 6 different chess sets.
link to Chinese Checkers link to Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers Engine
Chinese Checkers is played by moving pieces one square at a time or jumping other pieces for as long as there are jumps available. This can present the player with potentially thousands of jumping moves, so can make play very complex.
link to Chinese Chess link to Chinese Chess Chinese Chess Engine
Like Chess, this game is a serious challenge. A key difference between this and Chess is the limitation of the scope of some pieces, which are confined to certain regions of the board.
link to Extinction link to Extinction Extinction Engine - (c) AI Factory 2004
Created by AI Factory, Extinction is a territory-based board game, the objective of which is dominate the board and force your opponent off.
link to Four in a Line link to Four in a Line Four in a Line Engine
Drop the counters to try and build a line of four while you block your opponent's attempt to do the same. As with all our game engines, this implementation of Four-in-a-Line plays very well but would fit on the tiniest device.
link to Go link to Go Aya Go Engine
Aya Go, developed by Hiroshi Yamashita, is compact enough to fit on small devices, but strong enough to perform well on larger devices.
link to Go link to Go Go++ Engine
Go is a game with simple rules but great depth of play. This is a version of the World Champion strength Go++ by Mick Reiss.
link to Gobang link to Gobang Gobang Engine
This game is similar to Gomoku but has an extra rule allowing capture of enemy pieces. It may be only a small difference but it changes the game drastically.
link to Gomoku link to Gomoku Gomoku Engine
Being playable with Go board and pieces (but not taking as long to complete a game) helped to secure popularity for the ancient game of Gomoku, a challenging 5-in-a-line game from Japan.
link to Legion link to Legion Legion Engine - (c) AI Factory 2004
An original AI Factory creation, this engine is based on the movement of ancient Roman and Egyptian troops.
link to Reversi link to Reversi Reversi Engine
The classic game of territory reversal. Trap your opponents pieces between your own and claim them for yourself. This implementation can beat most human opponents, as it is a game that is well suited to computer implementation.
link to Shogi link to Shogi Shogi Engine
Our shogi engine "Shotest" has performed very well in computer shogi tournaments in the past and is still the highest ranking Western engine at the World Computer Shogi Championship.
link to Swap Chess link to Swap Chess Swap Chess Engine - (c) AI Factory 2004
A chess variant with a Shogi flavour, as a player can also move a piece by swapping it with another of their own in a more favourable position.