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The following are a series of case studies / profiles of AI Factory customer usage.
link to mobile phone game developers and service providers 1 - Mobile Phone Game Developers / Service Providers
link to publishers looking for new titles 2 - Publishers looking for new titles
link to 3rd party developers looking for custom game engines 3 - 3rd Party Developers looking for custom Game Engines
link to mobile server providers for games 4 - Mobile Server Providers for games
link to console, PC and on-line game developers 5 - Console, PC and On-Line Game Developers
1 - Mobile Phone Game Developers / Service Providers
A common application type for mobiles are games. Developers who are already versed in mobile SDKs are not necessarily well-versed in game engine creation. This can be a slow and uncertain process, and, likely as not, the largest source of problems. On the other hand UI development is predictable and comfortable. Ideally Mobile and other developers need access to a reliable source of game engines, that they can painlessly integrate using their UI skills, without needing to worry about game engine functionality.
This is where AI Factory steps in. It provides clean source engines with an out-of-the-box testbed which allows any engine to be tested and run on day one. The 3rd party developer can immediately test the engine and see if it does what they want. If need be, the 3rd party developer can be provided with a full working testbed, but no sources, during any assessment phase.
Once running, the development is easy, as the interface has been carefully crafted to make the 3rd party developer's task as easy as possible. The documentation is thorough, and the testbed and sources provide useful examples to demonstrate how the engine is interfaced. The interface provides not only move calculations, but a full game sequence control, not normally provided. These engines are mature and well developed, after much game interface experience.
Having used AI Factory for its first game, this is where the advantages really start to kick in. All of AI Factory's engines share the same common generic interface, so the next project is much much easier. Now the developer can churn out engines with a very high turnaround.
What about the future? A developer source that can only provide a small number of engines that dry up is of limited value. Having established a working relationship, the developer needs to have a future succession of games. This is where we can provide. AI Factory has developed generic AI components that allow the easy assembly of new games very quickly. This can be made to order, with a turnaround that will probably be some 10 x quicker than any rival. We can provide any game or puzzle you want, reliably and quickly.
2 - Publishers looking for new titles
AI Factory has already created whole 3D games from the bottom-up that compete head-to-head with the best on the market. If you have a project in mind, or would like to look at our own project portfolio, AI Factory has the ability to create full lavish 3D games to a very high standard. For example, our Pool/Snooker product received high review acclaim (see endorsements), with its beautifully rendered balls and table, and the high quality AI used to generate AI Player characterisation. We have several new strong and original projects, waiting to be picked up by publishers.
Take a look at our products by choosing from our list of games.
3 - 3rd Party Developers looking for custom Game Engines
This is a speciality of ours, and we are already in negotiation to develop the AI for a number of game engines. One of these is a game in the genre of "Heroes of Might and Magic". This is a flagship product of a company that lacks the player-computer module. Other examples in consideration are "Risk" and "Scrabble", and a further large adventure game (under wraps). Our deep background in AI and games makes us an unrivalled candidate to take on such work. We can deliver completed game engines quickly and with out-of-the-box testbeds, so that the games can be played on delivery, before any UI has been developed. This is an ideal out-sourced means of game engine creation.
4 - Mobile Server Providers for games
The architecture of AI Factory games has been designed with the server client architecture of a mobile game server in mind. The engines internally support dual game states, so that a server can service streams of game validation requests and move calculations at the same time. The move calculation uniquely does not depend on multi-threading, so that management of vast numbers of engine requests can be quickly and reliable managed without synchronisation problems. The engine architecture is very simple and very flexible, and naturally supports multi-user play.
This is a great source for Mobile server-based game developers, as the common interface shared by all games is the same. Each new added game slots naturally into the server architecture and framework, allowing easy validation of the engines.
5 - Console, PC and On-Line Game Developers
Much of the advantages are shared with the mobile game case shown above. AI Factory also provides good scalability. The developer need only specify the platform limitations in a source header, and the engine source automatically configures to accommodate that platform. If you are running out of memory, simply modify the ENG_MEMORY_DATA #define and re-compile. It's as easy as that.
If you have a powerful console or PC, you want the best, which again is where AI Factory can deliver. We have world championship level engines that have successfully competed in international competition (see competitions), backed by 25 years AI experience. It doesn't get much better than that!
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