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Testbed Downloads icon Testbed Downloads
The following testbed samples are available for prospective 3rd party developers to download and run. This provides a very basic (colour) console version of the games with command-line input of moves and scrolling display. They also support commands for new game, board/game display, play level setting, engine play style (most engines), game load/save and stepping forward/backwards through the game history. This allows the 3rd party developer to observe the basic operation of the game engine and how the test bed operates (The user is recommended to extend the console window buffer size, so that previous game output can be easily reviewed).
The source of the testbed is the same for all engines, and is provided with each engine supplied, on licensing. This provides an additional useful example of how to interface the engine, to be used in conjunction with the comprehensive general source documentation also provided.
We have provided three diverse game engines for you to test: Checkers, a perfect information two-player game, TaiPei, a single player solitaire game, and Backgammon, an imperfect information two-player game.
Checkers icon
This is the classic game of Checkers/Draughts.
link to download Checkers testbed Download Checkers Testbed Now
TaiPei icon
This is the tile matching game, also known by the name "Mah-Jong Solitaire".
link to download TaiPei testbed Download TaiPei Testbed Now
Backgammon icon
This is the classic race game, with moves determined by dice throws.
link to download Backgammon testbed Download Backgammon Testbed Now
We can provide further samples of testbed engines on request.
Case studies icon Case Studies - profiles of customer usage.
Fireball architecture icon Fireball Architecture - for a list of the advantages of these testbeds.
Engines icon Engines - for a list of the engines implementing Fireball Architecture.