Quarterly Round-Up - Summer 2005

AI Factory has had a busy quarter, a significant part of this dominated by our work with Gizmondo. We are close to completing our second compendium product for them. The Gizmondo is a hand held console with a comprehensive feature set that places it ahead of the competition, in terms of functionality. However the console market is no soft option, with a number of heavyweight contenders competing for market share. Gizmondo made an impressive showing at E3, so we shall see how the future pans out among the top few competing candidates.

This quarter also has a strong eastern theme, with AI Factory's Shogi program again competing in the world championship in Japan. The latest Gizmondo compendium has 5 Eastern games and AI Factory has also just created a new 3D Chinese Chess project and been involved in discussion for two substantial new products, one for South Korea and one for Japan.

On our "Western" front, our main activity has been a push into publishing in Europe, with contracts signed and ready to sign in Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and also the UK.

The USA and Canada have not featured much this quarter, save for the huge E3 show (see the news section on AI Factory), and also our continued links with publishers through Amsler Consulting.

Our engines continue to be developed. Classic board games are the core of our AI, later expanded to include AI for games such as Pool and Snooker. This now takes a further genre leap, with emulation of biological AI. A new project in discussion will be modelling real life. This will start soon, so see the Winter issue for more details.

Finally a big market for us will be mobile games. We will be at the coming Game Developers conference in London between August 30th to September 1st, where we will be focussing primarily on the mobile components of this conference. Maybe see you there!

Quarterly Round-Up - Spring 2005