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These are classic versions of some of our games, re-released by AI Factory and available to download from a secure site selling them on our behalf:
link to secure site selling our classic range of games link to secure site selling our classic range of games
Backgammon splash screen link to backgammon Backgammon
Animated dice, drag and drop pieces, as well as match and doubling options all add to the enjoyment of this historic and still popular game.
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Bridge splash screen link to bridge Bridge
This bridge game from AI Factory is based on the well-known Oxford Bridge engine. It is implemented in a good looking and easy-to-use environment, and is endorsed by Omar Sharif.
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Checkers splash screen link to checkersCheckers
Checkers (alternatively known as Draughts) is still very popular in the western world. This version has everything any new player will need to hone their skills.
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Chess splash screen link to chess Chess Tal
Chess Tal, with International Master strength, models the attacking style of former World Champion Mikhail Tal, with a human-like play style.
link to secure site selling Chess BUY
Chess Tal
Chinese Chess splash screen link to chinese chess Chinese Chess
The pieces featured in this game can be set to display either international or Chinese symbols and allow the beginner to easily identify the pieces.
link to secure site selling Chinese Chess BUY
Chinese Chess
Dominoes splash screen link to dominoes Dominoes
With 2 players and a large empty space between to fill, the snaking layout soon develops into an interesting shape.
link to secure site selling Dominoes BUY
Four in a Line splash screen link to four in a line Four in a Line
The vertical board adds a new dimension to the strategy of placing pieces and our version helps you with the option of pieces numbered in play order.
link to secure site selling Four in a Line BUY
Four in a Line
Gomoku splash screen link to gomoku Gomoku
This game of Gomoku comes equipt with a variety of different game options to choose from including "100 stones rule".
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Reversi splash screen link to reversi Reversi
Reversi (more recently known also as Othello) is a game that has stood the test of time. This version has animation to indicate pieces flipping.
link to secure site selling Reversi BUY
TaiPei splash screen link to taipei TaiPei
This version of TaiPei (also known as "Shanghai" and "Mah-jong Solitaire") has a beautifully decorated set of tiles, as well as many different tile layout patterns.
link to secure site selling TaiPei BUY

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