This edition is again a little late through competition with development work. Our year ended well and the run up to Christmas saw some frantic end-of-year activity to maximise this high-return season: our advert infrastructure is complex and demands work to keep it optimised. The market is always changing and user expectations change, so our Chess was re-released with an optional simplified interface and proactive encouragements. Once again on the AI front, Spades has dominated as this is an important app for us. One article this edition talks about the inference system built into Spades. This is used to control the randomised deals used with Monte Carlo and is critical to the program's performance.
What's New!: Keeping you up-to-date on general news about company activities and new products.
Article: Figuring out the Opponent's hand in Spades: Our Spades watches opponent and partner play very closely!
Article: The Self-Perpetuating Conspiracy Paradox: Probability continues to bite us!
The 3rd Party Engine resource: AI Factory has many game engines, all with the same interface for every platform.
Custom AI for 3rd parties: With our background in AI, we are involved in producing customised AI components for 3rd party developers.
Quality 3D products: We already have a range of very high quality 3D products with realistic visual effects.
AI Factory home: This links through to the main AI Factory website. From there you can review our products and access our engineering documentation.
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