You can also read all about the engineering at AI Factory, where downloads of testbeds and product documentation are available. The web also provides case studies, showing what we can offer to developers and publishers on different platforms, and detailed descriptions of the general engineering and all our game engines.

Custom AI for 3rd Parties

Update: we are not currently entering into any new licences as we are full time maintaining our own apps.

AI Factory has much experience in computer and non-computer game creation. This well of AI expertise and games experience makes us a good resource for creating AI components or complete game engines for other companies. We are primarily concerned with creating the raw engine, with a well-designed interface, rather than the development of whole products, although we also do this (see Quality 3D Products). This engine resource is ideal for developers who have strong UI expertise, but do not want to have to experiment creating game AI themselves when they can have a more reliable alternative.

This work divides into multiple areas:

1. Creating game AI to specification

This can be for any game desired. Our substantial experience and mature game development kit allows us to quickly, inexpensively and reliably generate game engines. Our game architecture has been honed down to provide a powerful framework for quick development, and our AI experience means that we will know what needs to be done to create the game AI desired. This takes much of the risk out of such work, as we understand how the AI will turn out. The end product uses our standard interface, so will be supported with full documentation and out-of-the-box testbed to play the game.

We have already been propositioned to create well known games, including a Football simulation, Monopoly, Risk, Poker, Pinochle, Skat, Scrabble and many others, written to order.

Although our primary expertise lies in creating AI for turn-based games, we are capable of developing AI for a wide range of real-time games. Whether this is for a first-person action game or a real-time strategy game, we can collaborate with a third-party developer to produce either a complete AI engine or components for use within a bigger framework (eg. an efficient pathfinding system or a general purpose finite state machine).

2. Creating game components

Another area of custom AI is game components. We are in the process of creating intelligent game components, such as locks and puzzles, for incorporation into larger games. This can, again, take advantage of our simple clean engine architecture. A game component is provided as a class object, which can be easily inserted in the main game product.

3. Developing AI for existing products

We are already engaged in creating AI for a large game product that does not currently have AI. This turns a human-human on-line game into one also providing human-AI. This is good for those who want to gain immediate access to gameplay, without having to make contact and arrange for an on-line human opponent.