A significant volume of our time the last 6 months has been in ad management, but beyond that we have entered the net-play market with Checkers and now Chess, which is really what the punters want. Our articles return to take a further look at our development practices, this time focussing on a vital aspect: our tool set. Mark Winands, associate professor at Maastricht, provides an excellent overview of how game AI have evolved over the years. He shares common history with AI Factory, also competing in many Computer Olympiads.
What's New!: Keeping you up-to-date on general news about company activities and new products.
Article: The Magic of Monte Carlo Tree Search: This method has revolutionised game AI.
Article: Get Tools right… (The Rest Will Follow!): Tools have been central to AI Factory's success.
The 3rd Party Engine resource: AI Factory has many game engines, all with the same interface for every platform.
Custom AI for 3rd parties: With our background in AI, we are involved in producing customised AI components for 3rd party developers.
Quality 3D products: We already have a range of very high quality 3D products with realistic visual effects.
AI Factory home: This links through to the main AI Factory website. From there you can review our products and access our engineering documentation.
Future articles scheduled:
Flat Monte Carlo and Gin Rummy - Another twist
MCTS does not care
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