This issue is again a little late arriving, as we have been very pre-occupied with our XBLA product due for release soon, and also a PC product due for Japan. When deadlines press the quarterly tends to drop down the priority list! This issue moves into one new area not talked about in preceding issues, that of Puzzles. This is a huge area which is expected to balloon given the growth of casual games. The second article returns to the thorny issue of game AI testing, and also offers an invaluable freebie in-house utility which we make extensive use of.
Article: The Puzzle Workbench: This talks about our generic framework for creating puzzle games and plug-in components for use in 3rd party games.
Article: Statistical Minefields with Version Testing: Returning to issues that need to be addressed when developing competition-level AI.
The 3rd Party Engine resource: AI Factory has many game engines, all with the same interface for every platform.
Custom AI for 3rd parties: With our background in AI, we are involved in producing customised AI components for 3rd party developers.
Quality 3D products: We already have a range of very high quality 3D products with realistic visual effects.
Quarterly round-up: General news about company activities and new products.
AI Factory home: This links through to the main AI Factory website. From there you can review our products and access our engineering documentation.
Future articles scheduled:
The impact of the AI Factory testbed architecture on game development.
Imperfect games: trying to find the best play when you do not have all the information.
Forgotten games: TAFL.
The universal game control mechanism: Finding a framework that fits all.
Playing badly: Trying to create AI that plays badly in a convincingly human way.
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