Welcome to the second of AI Factory's quarterly newsletters. This issue has a strong flavour of competition and assessing computer game play, rather than engineering, partly because this quarterly watch includes the World Computer Shogi Championship held in Kisarazu-Shi, near Tokyo. AI Factory's program "Shotest" has entered each year between 1997 and 2002, coming 3rd in 2 years. This time it was entering on slow hardware, and after a 2 year gap, so it was not clear how well we would do. The other article is on our Treebeard chess engine, the stable-mate of Shotest.
Article: Treebeard - A new way to do chess: Computer Chess has a long history. Treebeard experiments with new ways of solving this classic game.
Article: The World Computer Shogi Championship 2005: Reijer Grimbergen plots the progress of this annual event and AI Factory's program Shotest.
The 3rd Party Engine resource: AI Factory has many game engines, all with the same interface for every platform.
Custom AI for 3rd parties: With our background in AI, we are involved in producing customised AI components for 3rd party developers.
Quality 3D products: We already have a range of very high quality 3D products with state-of-the art visual effects.
Quarterly round-up: General news about company activities and new products.
AI Factory home: This links through to the main AI Factory website. From there you can review our products and access our engineering documentation.
Future articles scheduled:
Evaluation by Hill-climbing: Getting the right move by solving micro-problems.
Off-the-shelf AI: Minimax and Alpha-beta.
Imperfect games: trying to find the best play when you do not have all the information.
Forgotten games: TAFL.
The universal game control mechanism: Finding a framework that fits all.
Driving search with Plausibility analysis: Looking at the right moves.
Playing badly: Trying to create AI that plays badly in a convincingly human way.
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