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AI Factory are specialists in quality, casual AI game engines and superior AI characterisation in full 2D and 3D games for PC, console and mobile.

PRODUCT SCREENSHOTS - Artwork, models, rendering engines and AI created by AI Factory
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December 2017:

AI Factory Google Play apps topped 142,000,000 downloads in December. We have come a long way since May 2011 when we annouced 5,000,000. Of course the market overall has hugely grown and increasingly we are a smaller fraction of all apps out there, but with 142 million downloads, there are still a lot of people using our apps! Our biggest star among this is our Chess Free, which has topped 70 million.

We still need to earn the loyalty shown for our apps so we continue to work very hard to listen to our users and make our products better and closer to what the users want.

AI Factory downloads top 122 million
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The numbers continue to roll! 122,000,000 downloads
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AI Factory's core activity is the development of traditional and casual games created around quality AI game engines, with an easy-to-use and feature-rich interface, including a high level of characterisation. We have developed complete game software on PC, console and mobile.
Alongside quality 2D games, AI Factory has created lavish 3D versions of a selection of classic games, bringing traditional games up-to-date with other genres in the games industry.
We have state-of-the-art AI game engines for an ever-growing range of casual games, including traditional board games, and parlour pastimes from East and West (chess, bridge, backgammon, reversi, shogi, chinese chess, chinese checkers, go, amazons, checkers, four in a line, gomoku and many more), classic card games (bridge, poker, hearts, spades and euchre), puzzles (taipei, dominoes, treasure hunt and others) and life-simulations (including darts, pool, snooker and football).
Many of these game names are instantly recognisable brands, as well as sitting firmly in the casual games genre, currently a fast growing gaming market.
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AI Factory produce a free publication that includes articles on game AI and engineering. You can sign up for this periodical for free, to get your own copies of these articles and keep up to date with other AI Factory announcements.
Link to official Shotest Shogi home page
This is the official website for AI Factory's Shotest Shogi engine, featuring information on all games using the Shotest Shogi engine.