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The core technology already established also provides AI Factory with a powerful set of tools for the creation of puzzle games, with build on solvers. In the future such engines are likely to be in demand on small platforms, such as mobile phones. As the need arises, we will be ready.
link to Dominoes link to Dominoes Dominoes Engine
A timeless classic, Dominoes is believed to originate from China in the 12th Century, the early derivatives of this game evolving into Mah-Jong and the modern Dominoes game we have now.
link to Marble Maze link to Marble Maze Marble Maze Engine - (c) AI Factory 2006
Slide rows and columns of blocks to free all the marbles from a maze in as few moves as possible, while trying not to release any bombs.
link to Move It link to Move It Move it! Engine
Slide the blocks around to get one specific block moved to the opposite corner. Not as easy as it looks, offering a mind-bending challenge which seems almost impossible.

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link to QuadBlocks link to QuadBlocks QuadBlocks Engine - (c) AI Factory 2006
Taking elements from Tetris, Bubble Bobble and Zoop, this game requires you to match 4 or more blocks down any path to remove them before they can make their way to the centre.
link to Sticky Blocks link to Sticky Blocks Sticky Blocks Engine
An evolution of Move it!, adding a significant extra dimension to this core puzzle. Now you have both solid and sticky blocks. When sticky blocks meet they stick and fuse to create a new block. This changes the puzzle completely so that the puzzle may no longer be solvable!
link to Sudoku link to Sudoku Sudoku Engine
Our version of the popular number puzzle has thousands of unique solutions and a great variety of difficulty levels.
link to TaiPei link to TaiPei TaiPei Engine
A traditional tile pair matching game played against the clock or simply for fun. Concentration is required to match and remove the randomly placed Mah-jong tiles from any one of 21 differently-shaped tile layouts. Addictive gameplay and 2 beautiful tile sets; this TaipPei engine has several layouts to choose from and a timer to play against.
link to Tic Tac Toe link to Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Engine
Developed alongside our Gomoku board game engine, Tic Tac Toe (also known as Noughts and Crosses or XOX) has several grid sizes and various difficulty levels to choose from.
link to Treasure Hunt link to Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Engine - (c) AI Factory 2005
Our Treasure Hunt engine is designed for GPS enabled devices, the aim of which is to complete tasks and puzzles to find the treasure (obviously!). All the items and information you need is revealed as you uncover hidden areas of a map by moving around in the real world.