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AI Factory's HQ is based in Hatch End near London, but working is spread between various locations across the UK, including London and Birmingham. These units are continuously connected up using conference webcam links, so that we function as if a single development site. This is a departure from our formative days in 2003 when the bulk of working was centred on our one site in Pinner. We are now well adapted to this dispersed style of working. It's still a sociable workspace, even if we are spread out over large distances. The Pinner site now gets used for more of the QA testing than before, as it has plenty of freely-available test hardware.
Sharini and Carmen providing the foundation of QA at AI Factory. Their job is to criticise what we have done, and they do a good job!
One of our company nights out; The company start-up celebration.
The company is small, with only 3 permanent members, but with close semi-permanent working with 6 other engineers from across the world (see "Us"). This adaptable group is supplemented further by a number of collaborations with other games companies which increases our bandwidth as needed, also allowing us to expand our capability by working with companies with skill sets in areas where we have less experience. This works very well. This flexibility has allowed us to have a strong presence in a diverse set of game markets, despite our small size. Our game engines now appear in a wide variety of implementations, including Microsoft's MSN chess, In-flight games for Bridge, 3D Aquarium fresh water and sea water for mobile in Japan and multiple games in consoles (including DS and Xbox 360) and many PC games.
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