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This is a list of academic publications, lectures, keynotes and international events created or contributed to by AI Factory Ltd staff on AI.


* Jeff Rollason (2000) "SUPER-SOMA - Solving Tactical Exchanges in Shogi without Tree Searching": Computer and Games. CG 2000 Vol. 2063: Springer: ISBN 3-540-43080-6
Authored and presented by Jeff Rollason, this describes the advanced static analyser used in the AI Factory product "Shotest". This was presented at the AI Conference CS 2000 in Hamamatsu in Japan.
* Hiroyuki Iida, Makoto Sakuta, Jeff Rollason (2002). Computer Shogi. Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 134, Elsevier, CiteSeer
This was a review of advances made in Computer Shogi, authored with Professor Hiroyuki Iida and researcher Makoto Sakuta of Shizuoka University, Japan. "Artificial Intelligence" is the premier international publication for AI.
* Peter Cowling, Member, Edward Powley, Daniel Whitehouse (2011) "Information Set Monte Carlo Tree Search" IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND AI IN GAMES, VOL. X, NO. X, MONTH 2011
AI Factory contributed the core game engine (Dou Di Zhou) and testbed framework for this research.
* D. Whitehouse, E. J. Powley, and P. I. Cowling, "Determinization and Information Set Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Card Game Dou Di Zhu", in Proc. IEEE Conf. Comput. Intell. Games, Seoul, South Korea, 2011, pp. 8794.
AI Factory contributed the core game engine (Dou Di Zhou) and testbed framework for this research.
* E. J. Powley, P. I. Cowling, and D. Whitehouse, "Information capture and reuse strategies in Monte Carlo Tree Search, with applications to games of hidden information", Artificial Intelligence, 2014.
AI Factory contributed the core game engine (Spades) and testbed framework for this research.
* Daniel Whitehouse, Peter I. Cowling, Edward J. Powley, Jeff Rollason: "Integrating Monte Carlo Tree Search with Knowledge-Based Methods to Create Engaging Play in a Commercial Mobile Game". AIIDE 2013
AI Factory created the knowledge-based AI and Spades engine used for this work.
* Cowling P.I., Devlin S., Powley E., Whitehouse D. and Rollason J.: "Player Preference and Style in a Leading Mobile Card Game". In IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (In Press).
AI Factory created the database for this from their program Spades.
* Devlin S., Anspoka A., Sephton N., Cowling P., and Rollason J.: Combining Gameplay Data With Monte Carlo Tree Search To Emulate Human Play. In Proceedings of the 12th Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE), 2016.
* Hendrik Baier, Adam Sattaur, Edward J. Powley, Sam Devlin, Jeff Rollason, and Peter I. Cowling. "Emulating Human Play in a Leading Mobile Card Game"
* Jeff Rollason: Interest Search: A Faster Minimax - Hardback Game AI pro 2 : Collected wisdom of game ai professionals". CRC Press ISBN: 978-1-4822-5479-2. After 2 years this is now a free PDF
* Jeff Rollason: Leveraging AI methods to achieve very high game data compression. In Game AI Pro3, Edited by Steve Rabin CRC Press: ISBN: (to publish shortly)
* The AI Factory Periodical - with some 40+ articles.
These are the collected articles on AI/gaming published by AI factory, since 2005.


Authored and presented by Jeff Rollason (publication above).
Sep 2010: Keynote: Is Academic Research useful for the Computer Games Industry? for the "AI Games Network", Dana Centre, Imperial College London University.
Authored and presented by Jeff Rollason for AI groups from several UK universities.
Authored by Professor Peter Cowling, Jeff Rollason, Daniel Whitehouse and Edward Powley and presented by Professor Peter Cowling and Jeff Rollason.
Mar 2014: "Rolling the Dice: Leveraging Monte-Carlo Tree Search in Game AI", at the AI Summit, Game Developers Conference (GDC), Moscone, San Francisco.
Authored and presented by Sam Devlin, Digital Creativity Labs, using data created by AI Factory Spades Free.
Authored and presented by Jeff Rollason, Professor Peter Cowling, Assistant Professor Nathan Sturtevant and David Churchill.


AI Factory's Shogi Program Shotest competed in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Twice ranked 3rd in the world and making it through to the final 4 times. During this time it beat 3 world champions in the year that they were world champion.
AI Factory's Shotest was fortunate to be invited to both the 1st and 2nd prestigious ISF tournament as then one of the top ranked Shogi programs. To date it is the only western program to have ever been invited to this event.
AI Factory's Shotest competed in this event, winning the Gold medal. It also competed in two others, obtaining Silver and Bronze.
Various Computer Chess Tournaments: 1983-1990
Jeff Rollason competed in several Computer Chess tournaments with his programs Merlin and Rasputin.