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Move it!™ is the exciting new creation from AI Factory and was launched early June 2010 on Android, followed by iPhone (under the Optime label). This will be followed by a version on Antix with more platforms to follow.

Move it!™ provides a new sliding block game dynamic, with multiple piece shapes that can move in all directions. This takes the genre established by Yoshigahara's famous "Rush Hour" block puzzle to a new level. You just move your block to the winning square by shuffling around the blocking shapes: A very simple idea - but a fresh, complex, challenging and beautiful puzzle!

The Move it!™ engine comes with hundreds of masterfully hand-crafted puzzles, either divided into 6 levels from Novice to Expert or into 10 different puzzle shape genres (as is required by the target implementation).

Move It! screen shot
These puzzles are rare to find as the AI required to create them is difficult and complex. AI Factory has used its expertise to allow it to synthesise and solve puzzles as deep as 120 moves. The hardest of these provide highly challenging puzzles that the most agile minds might struggle to solve. However Move it!™ also provides a range of levels so that even beginners can find their way into this beautiful game.
Move It! screen shot
Additionally Move it!™ uses 70 different shapes, not just the 4 that Rush Hour has, so the puzzles offer much more variety.

Move it!™ also introduces split pieces, so that sometimes apparently separate pieces are invisibly linked and need to be moved as a unit. In the screen shot (left) the violet pieces look like they are separate, but actually they can only move together, so at the moment this piece cannot move at all.

There is also a full puzzle tutor, so you can ask for help if you are stuck. The Tutor then looks at your position and recommends moves to make.

Move it!™ provides a deep and satisfying game that in testing has proved to be our most popular game ever! Try it out!

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Move It! screen shot Move It! screen shot Move It! screen shot
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