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Handheld Games icon Gizmondo Classic Compendium

These games combine competition-level AI with beautiful graphics. Each game has 2 different piece sets, 2 different boards and 10 backgrounds. The player has the option of 10 play levels and also 14 different AI player characters to challenge. All games support a player ladder so you can advance your player rating as you defeat these players. If you lose, you drop back down the ladder.

Both the east and west products have multiple language options: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and American.

These are the games included in Gizmondo Classic Compendium:
link to Chess link to Chess Chess
This uses our Treebeard chess engine, which can also be found in Microsoft's MSN Chess. The engine includes proprietary techniques used for AI Factory's Chess and Shogi engines. Chess is a universal game and Treebeard provides an unusual human-like play-style.
link to Checkers link to Checkers Checkers
This is the classic game Checkers / Draughts popularised particularly in the U.S and Scotland, the only two countries to provide World champions in this game. However the game is now universally played. Both US and UK rules are supported.
link to Backgammon link to Backgammon Backgammon
Backgammon is an ancient game played throughout the world. It is particularly popular throughout the Middle Eastern territories, and possibly derives from an ancient Egyptian or Oriental board game. Backgammon is now very popular, providing a two-player game combining both strategy and luck.
link to Four in a Line link to Four in a Line Four in a Line
Four in a Line is several centuries old and was especially popular aboard ship where the unique board helped hold the pieces which might otherwise be thrown around by the movement of the sea. This is a game that can now be completely solved by fast computers, but is still an excellent, challenging pastime for human players.
link to Reversi link to Reversi Reversi
This game, based on inverting lines of counters, originated in Victorian times as a popular parlour game. It is now more widely know as the game Othello which is a very widely played casual game. Its attraction is that the game is very dynamic and just having many more counters is not a clear indication that you are winning.