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Increasingly powerful devices allow us to create a more immersive 3D experience to accompany our ever more advanced AI engines.
link to Aquarium link to Aquarium Aquarium Engine
Emulating believable fish behaviour is challenging but our aquarium engine has successfully recreated how fish interact with each other, their environment and the game player.
link to Darts link to Darts Darts Engine
Although there is a gulf between the experience of using a mouse and throwing a dart, this implementation successfully reproduces the feel of throwing darts. Game variants implemented include "x01", "Cricket" and "Around The Clock".
link to Pool link to Pool Pool Engine
The physics of Pool ball movement has been accurately recreated here, as has realistic human-style play from the variety of AI opponents and realistic balls and table. This engine incorporates 8-Ball and 9-Ball Pool.
link to Snooker link to Snooker Snooker Engine
The accurate interaction of balls on the table, the human-style characteristics of the AI opponents and the realistically-rendered balls and table all build to create an immersive experience.
link to Trainset link to Trainset Trainset Engine
Allowing the easy and intuitive construction of track layouts and trains.